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The tired caterpillar

oruga cansada i capoll3

Today a professor, Ramón Ribalta, in the class after the murli, has given an example that has hit me squarely in the heart, because I have experienced this and that is why I am here, learning this knowledge of Raja Yoga and Positive thinking in Brahma Kumaris.

He said: “It’s funny how a caterpillar makes the change to a chrysalis to become a butterfly, there has to be something that makes it click, it stops being a caterpillar crawling on the ground to get into the cocoon. It is, as if it were tired of being a caterpillar that is on the ground and that wants to stop feeling crawling, and that knows that if it enters the chrysalis state …, it can stop doing it and take off. “

At some point I felt like the crawling caterpillar and I clicked. I am thinking that there will be many who do not know that they are tired caterpillars and that they go around and around; trying alternative therapies, meditations and diverse spiritual knowledge that have their good use but that they feel is not enough; entering catatonic states; entering into depressive states; states of “I-do-not-care” …, because they do not know that they have the option of resting in a transforming cocoon, which enables them to make a great leap and that can only be valued when they have had the courage to take the step. I do not remember what happened to make me realize that it was a tired caterpillar .., but I suppose if one starts to ask things …, probably the transcendental moment arrives.untitledmariposa


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