La contínua búsqueda de una misma

Distracted with life.


POINTS 11/1/18 (Madhuban): * While you do everything for the maintenance of the body, you must remember the unlimited Mother and Father in each breath. *

What it means this sentence ..?

Just yesterday I thought something related to it. I was working fast, totally involved with the task and suddenly I thought: All this that I am doing is not of the slightest importance, it has no relevance, it is only to maintain that body in which I am. If I did not have a body, all this would not be necessary, therefore, it is only temporary, circumstantial -I am the soul that resides in this body that must be maintained to experience life, which is why we have all descended to the physical plane- But the things we do to maintain the body have no other importance; We must not lose the objective for which we have come here by immersing ourselves in small details of whether things do not go our way. Things will come out as they have to leave.

The important thing is that I am a soul that never dies and has left somewhere, because nothing comes out of nothing. If we have the real feeling of “subtle belonging”, we feel that all the things that happen to us in the physical world are only related to the body. Where have we come from as an entity that gives life to this body? If there is a Mother there must be a Father, the Two are One, the Creator, God, the Supreme Soul; I belong to him as a soul child, and, He belongs to me as Mother / Father of the soul.

This feeling of subtle belonging … makes me much more tolerant with everything related to the body, because I understand that they are passing things, lateral landscapes while I am making my way to the real home: the place of residence of the living entities when they they no longer have bodies to maintain; we call it heaven, in India it is called paramdham. Now this is a thought that we have to do ours; we have to go back there; The sooner we are aware that we are souls giving life to this body, our vehicle to be able to walk on Earth, the easier it will be to recognize God who is also a soul, the only one who will guide us to be able to return home.


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