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Feminism from the spiritual perspective.



296290I can already talk about many years in my life .., as many as forty-five since my first particular feminist crusade as a political movement: “Women in Struggle” the word already defines everything. But the truth is that I already developed in an environment that did not discriminate: at home with the nuclear family; basically mother / father. I am lucky that the father, when I was born, when he saw me, did not have any disappointment, although he expected, as most men expect, a first son.

Luckily I received a strong and courageous body, except the first sufferings of the previous karma that took me to the edge of death in the cradle but now it would be another subject. All the expectations that the father had of a son were fulfilled . That’s how I grew up: strong, courageous, capable of doing everything, without any gender constraint, no limitation such as: “no, do not do that it’s a child thing”, or, “doing what you do they will believe that you are a child , or, “the girls have to do this …, etc.” Basically I grew up as free as a bird, within limits, of course, many playmates and schoolmates girls did have them and I was always shocked by the scolding that their parents did them.

You can already imagine that I built the fame of an adventurer, very enthusiastic about life and its possibilities; you know .., for me there were no limits .., until I debut adolescence and body changes, and, of course, hormones. Here began to appear the “red lines” (synonym that we are now so accustomed to hear). It was evident that I was entering a discriminated collective, I did not understand why even in my family they put me limits … but they did not see me as before and were afraid that I would not fit into society. Here began the distancing and my introspection: if I did not express my feelings, they could not be used against me.

The fact that I had changed by becoming introverted, made me more reflective. It was a protection that also made me grow inside, I had an inner world. Now I looked at everything from within, but the questions had no answers. I saw this discrimination in all of society, in all areas, in animals, in work, in privileges … I had to go home before nine o’clock at night, and my boys friends instead. ., viva la pepa ..! But what gave me the greatest perspective on why this discrimination was, was being a mother a few years later, already matured in injustices.

Society relies on the fact that women, who are instruments to bring and raise new human beings in the world, must move away, they have to be left in a corner, because they “hinder”! In the background … I think it’s fear that women will empower themselves and the best thing that can be done to prevent this from happening … is to make them feel that they are not useful; an example: the salary and opportunities gap in comparison with the other side of the genre. Not all human beings men are like that, I have it very clearr. But the majority of the ruling class, especially in recent times, instead of evolving, they have involuted. Where has this behavior led us? When a vital part of society is separated, a great opportunity to evolve correctly is lost, because the possibility of providing innovation is slipped; everything is vitiated.

Have you ever wondered how in almost all alternative, spiritual activities, the activities that allow a better society to develop, in the majority are women? Well, because we only have this space that the masculine part has forgotten, and because women in general have always internalized in order to survive, they have become wise. The woman is already sick of this situation and now takes over; now is the time because the world it is at its end and our help is necessary to be able to assume this. Only that we should not lose the perspective of not falling into the mistakes in which they have fallen. I hope that since the crucial moment is coming to the woman, it comes from wisdom and not from weapons. Our inner “struggle” of something has to serve us.



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