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The “sin”, the guilt and the justification.

Before, if I had heard “sin” …, I would have simply turned around and left them with the word in mouth, because the word sin brought me connotations of the repression exercised by Catholicism in society to manipulate it, and Hell brandished like an annihilating pendulum. But in other cultures that are not Catholic, specifically in India, the word “sin” means: “what causes suffering or causes damage to the soul” (which distances me from the truth).

POINTS 11/3/18 (Madhuban): * If you try to justify yourself by giving an explanation, then understand that you are trying to clarify your “sins”, extending the line of that “sin” even more. If it’s nothing …, then just leave it like that; otherwise, this is like adding fuel to the fire of the atmosphere; put a point and end; Do not debate, but carry out the transformation in your thoughts, words and connections. This is the way to save yourself from that “sin”. Do you understand? *

If someone asks us for explanations for some of our actions, we ruminate if we have to do it or if we have to repair something, because if we want to justify the action that caused the disorder …, it will be like reaffirming and increasing it, adding fuel to the fire and creating a lot of discussion We will be hurting ourselves and those who have felt hurt by that. If we want …, life can be very light and happy.



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