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BHOG (food cooked in positive awareness, soul consciousness)

cocinar_Christine Kornacki

How is the food we have? How do we prepare the food?

It is not only how the quality of the food we prepare is, but also how we prepare it; in what state we prepare them, if we cook them ourselves or buy them ready.

In the same way that water is affected by the vibrations of words and the thoughts that are directed to it, the same happens with food (Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment -video-)

If you have already seen the video, you can understand how we can affect or influence the food we eat. It does not matter if a food is of high quality .., if it is not cooked in a positive state of thinking, if it is cooked in a hurry, if the person preparing it (in a restaurant kitchen or processed food factory) is tormented by an evil work environment, quarrels, stress, jealousy …, etc., can you imagine what will be impregnated that food that we will buy in the supermarket, or, what will we consume in a restaurant?

As humanity we are reaching very delicate levels. There is hunger for truth, there are wars, injustices …, many diseases … But, even if it’s just a piece of bread we can eat, before putting it in your mouth, let’s give it the energy of good thoughts. Let us try to make them foods that do not come from animal suffering or exploitation, because in their cells the suffering of their last minute of life will have been imprinted, and then we would eat the result of their suffering. All this does not affect us only physically to the body, but, it influence the mind and intellect. We need inner stability; If we do not have it, let’s review what it is that feeds us.

We also thank God or the Universe … the smallest bread crumb we can eat and give positive energy with our eyes before eating it.


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