La contínua búsqueda de una misma

Amnestic shock.


Warning: All articles that I write, or, the soul that I am, it intend to write, they are addressed especially to the soul of those who read them, because it is the soul who reads through the eyes of the body.

I am not an expert, nor close, on any kind of psychological issue, although I have always been very interested in the subject of the human mind. Said this I want to express what in amrit vela I have been developing (it is a space of free time of influences of all type as I have already explained other times). And I feel that there is a topic that should be found inside each one: what happens in the whole birth process? Because there are many things that we take for granted or that we do not question on this issue.

It has always been said that there is nothing more pleasant than being in the mother’s womb. Today maybe I will be a transgressor. What would be shaken within our subconscious if it said that the mother’s womb is no more or less a place where the fetus grows in the midst of mental and physical tortures? That it, is like a prison where we can not leave until after seven and a half months? In where, it pass a film in which we recognize ourselves in all the actors who are protagonists: different faces, different acts, but the same soul? That this, we feel so sorry for everything we have done during so many rebirths that we can not stop crying? And that, we swear and perjure that we will not do it again, however, that someone get us out of here, please, for mercy?

Thankfully we have an amnesiac shock produced by the trance of coming to light at birth .., do you imagine how it would start a new life with all this “backpack” in our memory? However … I have the feeling that we do not forget immediately, but we do it gradually. This feeling was deeply impressed when my first daughter was born: his gaze, after about 8 or 10 days …, (after recovering from the initial shock) was very disturbing. I did not see a look empty of content, on the contrary, it was as if I was analyzing that person (me) that was before her and what she was doing in her lap, without knowing how to control a body that had become so small. Little by little, fortunately that look was fading.

Now we are still in this amnesiac shock. Until the Supreme Psychiatrist who reminds us of our past … comes, we do not recover the memory lost beyond the subconscious. Thus, God reminds us of where we come from, who we are, what we are, and so, little by little, with many resistances, whoever wants or can, will recover his forgotten history in each rebirth. Why does God do this? Because now it is no longer about being reborn in the world as it is; Now we have to go back to the home from where we came for the first time 5000 years ago.

This land where we experience physical life, will be shaken in such a way .., to be renewed, it will be like when you have to make reforms and we have to go to a hotel because you can not live there. He gives us back our memory because when this happens, it does not bother us so much that we stay in shock again without knowing what to do; we will know that everything that remains to clean inside us will have to be done at that moment and definitely (not like in the womb) to return to the home of true peace, enjoying it while waiting to start the cycle of birth and death from scratch, at the precise moment that we have to go back down to the stage and experience the physical life again.



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