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Devotees?…from six to seven billion.



So many that they think themselves superior in intelligence … and God tells us that now there is no wisdom!

POINTS 05/03/2018: * “Baba asks: How many devotees are there? From six to seven billion … you are actors in the drama and therefore you should know the Creator and Director of the drama, however, not you know nothing. “The Father comes to make you worthy again, Baba has explained that, in the golden age, when people detach themselves from their body, they have a vision in advance: -now I will detach myself from this body and I will become a baby again; the life of the body is over. The people of today do not have this wisdom. The Father has come to make you happy; He has come to teach you easy yoga. God says: You say that you are followers of Shivananda, but you are not following him at all. *

God himself is telling us that everyone in the world, without exception, is a devotee. Devotion is not limited only to religious beliefs, there are other ways of thinking that are also beliefs, in fact, all are beliefs (belief is what one believes per se) and therefore we are all devotees of one thing or another, actors goddess-parvatiin the play of life. Theater actors must know by force who has written the work and who directs it; but here, in the work of life nobody knows anything; the script is followed without even knowing it. It is lived by inertia and many times we feel dragged by this train that does not stop.

God the Father has come, as he did 5000 years ago, to return to make worthy of calling us human beings; because to be able to call ourselves human beings, we must first be truly aware of the being (soul) and of the human (body). He reminds us that he has come to teach us Raja Yoga to be continually happy, without the ay! to think that afterwards will come the uy !: there is always regret to be too happy because we have the experience that then come the “blows”. In the renewed world, human beings are aware of immortality, there is no death but change; there is only the rejection of a body that is no longer useful. This is the true immortality that God taught Parvati. 



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