La contínua búsqueda de una misma

Collection of points 31-8-18 today.


ONE   * The soul of every human being has an imperishable role in it. This means that what is predestined is happening. You only have to observe everything as a detached observer. *

You have to be very careful and not take it literally, that’s what they do in the devotion. Being detached could become a despotic act of coldness towards the feelings of others: I do not care what happens to you. That is why we must understand the depth of the attitude recommended by God, the Father: “empathy, love and no concern.” But … if I can do something for someone, I do it.


TWO    * The horse of the mind runs constantly like a madman towards one place or another. The Father says: while you gain your physical livelihood, connect the yoga of your intellect to Me. You will receive much achievement, remembering Me.*

* The objective of Raja Yoga that God, the Professor teaches us, is to be masters of the being that we are, our essence. The essence, the soul, has the instrument of the mind among others as its own equipment. Raja Yoga shows us how to take the reins of this screen that is the mind and discern what we want to be projected in the form of thoughts or sensations, since the thoughts jump on it randomly. So we can design which thoughts we want to develop and which ones we do not. In this way “the horse”, the mind is tempered and then the thoughts become harmonious. The teacher’s advice is to focus the mind with Him while we do everything to maintain the body; this is the definition of karma yoga; with this method you can also center your mind .


THREE    *  You did a lot of intense devotion, but then what happened? You had visions and nothing else! You are sitting with the Father. Would you greet your father joining the hands in front of him? When a teacher is teaching you, would we join the hands in front of him? In this time you are at home; you have the feeling that He is the Father.

God the Father and the Professor is making us an analogy of how we behave with parents and physical teachers, and what is the old behavior that we have to leave, because when we study Raja Yoga with Him, we are no longer devotees but students Divine and when we are before Him, when meditating, when connecting with Him, the Father, God, our attitude must be that of a son who is with the Father, just as when we relate to physical parents. It no longer has to be of literal veneration, but of natural love and gratitude for having such a Company.



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