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BLESSING 10/10/16: The bandage of the eyes.



loto gif(The lotus flower is the symbol of purity, since the lotus is born at the bottom from mud of a pond or lake, it grows through the water and emerges to the surface and then is when it blooms unpolluted, splendid and radiant. Maya is our ingrained thought patterns, our habits that we believe are correct or not, our way of reacting with everything around us. We are not aware that all this is trash that dirties the soul, there are obstacles of our nature (Maya) when we deciding transform us; the customs are at odds with the changes; realice to the Father of souls, it is a great change, for this reason, God reminds us “Remember Me to Me alone” constantly, since we constantly have difficulties due to the resistance to changes of our nature. Transformation comes when, doing everything, changing the most damaging features that we identify in ourselves, we do not allow ourselves to be dragged into that vortex of worldly, being aware that this is only a game at that we have to play it without getting dirty , like the lotus flower, that remains untouched and stays in the pond. The feeling of being able to manage one’s own life gives us a reason to be cheerful.)

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