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 …if inside you are growing a little flame that you did not have before…

We are at crucial moments, everything around us is changing, what was once normal and routine now is a privilege of a few.

The tendency of thought is to address what is being lost. This feeling is depriving us of seeing the revolution that is taking place in our current world: there are true changes of consciousness at subtle and physical levels globally, especially in the Western area, because in the rest, these individual changes are already being lived for many years ago, because his world collapsed making the routines of life were framed in the field of survival, empowerment and consciousness of mutual collaboration.

Now, priorities change.

The time of the individualities that society has been inculcating automatically isolating human beings in particular bubbles, selfishness, self-centeredness, etc … has been finished … We are part of a Whole, now it is time to change that individualistic conscience, we are establishing a a new world borded the old man who is destroying everything. The only individuality that we have to allow ourselves is to change our negative habits for the positive ones, those that benefit us and others, and thus, the “carom” that will change the world.

Changes are revolutions and those who are settled in the old way of doing, see it as a threat, therefore veganism, animalism, vegetarianism, assembly, spirituality, God … and everything that benefits humanitythey are labeled as nonsense because for them the only thing that counts is “growth”. But even if we do not like them thinking like that, they also have the right to be as they are, let’s not forget that we are immersed in a drama, life is a play in which everyone has their role, now our role has changed, how the water of a river changes although this is the same river. Those who do not change and refuse to do so is their role, without them the oeuvre would be incomplete.

So that … if inside you are growing a little flame that you did not have before … your role has changed, do not ignore it, give it oxygen so it does not go out, if you feel you have to do something … do it soon, but now, or never. With the subtle consciousness of benefiting by changing our negative traits and benefiting everyone, we are going to change this old world for one … that will be on this very Earth, so dear and now so damaged, called … p a r a d i s e.

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