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What is missing from the methods?


“It’s very easy to say … but it’s not so easy to do it!”

This phrase resonates when we try to help someone who is in a dead end. And, they are very right. To me also these words arose when somebody tried to make me get out of some stumble and he let loose that hated thing of: “… what you have to do is …”, because, in reality, what is missing at that moment is willpower.

It is difficult to maintain the methods that are presented to us as a panacea; all valid in its vast majority, the truth. That is why when some one excited he explains us about the method that he have followed or are doing, we know that it will be something transitory that we will not be able to maintain; lack the strength; We are already tired.

There is only one way to overcome this: we need a source of energy where we can recover our strength knowing that, even if we exhaust ourselves again and again, we can absorb the energy we need at any time, as many times as we need it. It is so simple …, that a creature would be able to do it: – Open itself to the consciousness of understanding that we are a spark of conscious energy, that gives life to the body we have.

The one that is exhausted is that spark, soul that I am. The one that gets discouraged is the soul, “I”, the true I that has received a body to experience life in this world. If it’s can break this resistance to admit it, the result will be as if we had woken up from a collective dream in which at most one admits, perhaps, having a soul. Now the resistance is broken, there is only one step left: open the mind to the possibility of the existence of a Power Source, a Supreme Soul, God.

He is the “Power Plant” where it’s possible can recharge the “battery” of the soul. His main task at this time is to provide the strength we need at all times. We can only receive this recharge if we get in tune with His subtle vibration. Then, being in vibration of soul we stop being in dense vibration mode of matter. Then the connection is possible. To be able to make a visual image, it is like recharging a battery in the corresponding watt current.

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