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PART 2 – What do you really want?


Well, after having raised the question “what do you really want?”, I suppose that now it is time to clarify a little more the subject that surely I have already touched on many other notes, but that it is worth explaining it in other words:

In this article it was talked about 3 doors, 3 sites:

  1. the land of peace- as if we were saying, the place where it has always been thought that when one dies one goes away, but in reality one can only go when the cycle of the world that lasts 5000 years ends.
  2. the renewed land- the so-called paradise, is right here when everything has returned to its place, nature has stabilized. This place, this same Earth, this same world, is now being established in the mind of every human being who realizes both mental and physical chaos where we are arriving. Every day we see the process of environmental-political-social-personal deterioration accelerate, and it is at this moment that we must rethink a drastic mental change, in order to change the human paradigm. Can you imagine what paradise represents ..? It is all we see that would not have to happen, all injustices, all cruelty, all wars …, etc., that there cannot be in a renewed world. How long would paradise last if our way of thinking did not vary as it is now? We know where it has taken us and where we will finally arrive with these thoughts that have created so much bad coexistence and a lack of respect for nature. Therefore, if we want to enter through this door, there must be a radical change in our mind; nothing, of what is now natural in our way of behaving, serves to be in the harmony of paradise.
  3. the land of sorrow- it is the Earth, the planet as it is now, with all its conflicts; also called: copper age and iron age (the current one). The time of paradise lasts half the cycle of 5000 years, that is, 2500 years of harmony, and slowly after which the human world and the planet is degrading and the suffering is also gradually increasing, they call it “the fall.” Starting the second half of the cycle you enter through the third door. During these last 2500 years, the intellect of the human being becomes increasingly heavy, until we get to where we are now, in the dead end where neither politicians nor scientists nor anyone feels capable of reversing the damage of the planet or the mind. Negativity, anger, ego, attachment, excess, greed, flat everywhere until spoiling the correct thinking of humanity by weight. The only way, the only effective method to “reset”, is to really want to. If as a humanity we were a computer that has been programmed to get to the point where it is, in malfunction, it should be reprogrammed, right?

Now I can assure from my own experience, after having sought many methods for many years (without even knowing it), that the only method that brings us back to our original state is the system of God, Raja Yoga. It is a safe method and has no contraindication. Slowly with this study in the centers around the world, the mind, the soul is recognizing itself, is regaining strength, loving life again, loving God again. When there is again the love lost by God, the sincere love, the soul is discharged from all the suffering accumulated during the 2500 years that this final stage has lasted. This is the necessary point where you must arrive in order to pass through the door of paradise: the renewed land.

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