La contínua búsqueda de una misma

Like trade winds.

Let’s keep in mind, let’s never forget it.., that everything we do in this physical world bears our seal, the seal of our intentions.

Let us therefore make our intentions the highest, the purest; let it be like a mantra thrown into the wind to spread it, as gravitational and rotational winds do, across the entire planet. We have to raise the world vibration with our mind; We must avoid falling into despair. Surely we still remember the feeling we had in childhood that the world had to be much better; let’s fix that childish image in our mind, because a precious world is possible.

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ANNIE .- …I must confess that today I had no idea what to write, despite how inspired I am. When this usually happens to me, I start looking for images and the magic happens. It is as if one of them is enlightened and tells me its story so that I can decipher its secrets through my letters.
JULIE .- …the images count many things, and, it is true that you say that it seems that the image will be illuminated so that you could see it.., it seems that it happens to many of us!
ANNIE.- …I thought I was the only one! It is comforting to know that it is not so and that it is common. And yes, you have to keep listening to what the images have to tell us.
JULIE .- …you know.., I have the feeling that the images convey the feeling of those who created them at that time. It is as if those feelings were eternally etched along with the image. In fact.., it is the same with written and spoken words.., there go our vibrations. That is why it is so important to print all the best, the best wishes for the world with them, because they are like the mantras that Buddhists print on the little flags at the mercy of the wind so that they spread them and reach those who more need it.., and now, the world is in need of the highest vibrations of pure love, of the best wishes for a world without sorrrow.
ANNIE.- …Your reflection has left me speechless. It is beautiful and so true…that’s why I argue that artists (writers, painters, sculptors, photographers) are more important than society thinks, because we are able to convey what we feel and, as you say, it is what the world needs to.


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