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Ithaca-The destiny of humanity.

Many times the songs arise from unexpectedly Divine Inspirations.


Lluís Llach

When you undertake the trip to Itaca,
It asks for the path to be long,
Full of adventures, full of experiences.
It asks for the path to be long,
May the dawns be many
That you will enter a port that your eyes ignored
And go to cities to learn from those who know.
Always have the idea of ​​Itaca in your heart.
You have to arrive, it is your destiny,
But do not force the crossing at all.
It is preferable that it lasts many years,
That you be old when you anchor the island,
Rich of how much you will have won along the way,
Without waiting for more wealth.
Itaca has given you the beautiful trip
Without it you would not have left.
And if you find her poor, it’s not that Itaca
Has cheated on you. Wise how you have maked you,
You will know what the Itacas mean.
Further, you must go further
Of the fallen trees that imprison you
And when you have won them
Keep in mind not stop.
Further, always go further,
Further from the one that now chains you.
And when will you be released
Start new steps again.
Further, always much further,
Further from tomorrow it is coming.
And when you think you have arrived, know how to find new paths.
Good trip for the warriors
That to their people they are faithful
Favor the God of the winds
The sail of your ship,
And despite his old fight
Have pleasure from the most loving bodies.
Fill networks of dear stars
Full of adventures, full of knowledge.
Good trip for the warriors
If your people are faithful
The sail of your ship
Favor the God of the winds,
And despite his old fight
Love fill your generous body,
Find the paths of old desires
Full of adventures, full of knowledge.

Source: Musixmatch
Composers: Lluis Llach / Kavafis

The destiny of humanity



*Ithaca is the metaphor of destiny that we pursue when we begin spiritual awakening; in fact, the road is long and so full of adventures, as Llach advocates, in this song so emerged from the most hidden of humanity. It is long and full of surprises and without a doubt you have to reach the end when you start the road after a few years, because it is necessary to fill us with all the wealth that empowers the soul. May the dawns be many, meditating at dawn the eyes open to new destinations that we ignored. Llach tells us that without the spur of this trip, we would not have considered leaving, but, of our comfort space.



**We are imprisoned by customs, behavior patterns, social learning. In the song there is the warning that so the path has begun, one should never stop, for a new present will open on our horizon, the tomorrow that is approaching, the new cycle of the world that is already near, new paths, which renewed humanity will undertake.


***We are incognito warrios fighting in our inland sea on the ship of truth that will never sink, because when we know where the “wind” that guides us, the knowledge of God, we will decant the sails in its direction, despite the fighting with the waves and with the old enemies that have made us sink for half a cycle, we can wobble but never succumbed. Now, being faithful to the new path undertaken, we will achieve the pure love that humans have lost for so long.

Spiritual awakening
with Raja Yoga

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